Property Management and Real Estate Law in Israel:
All our lawyers have years of  experience matters pertaining to Real Estate law in Israel.   Whether in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem or across Israel our law firm provides both the foreign and local client a full range of real estate legal services  for  both commercial and private clients . 

We represent owners, developers, property managers, tenants and investors in all types of transactions from routine purchase agreements and real estate oriented consulting to complicated development plans.
Commercial real estate matters in Israel often call for knowledge and expertise in specialized and related areas of law.  As a multi-disciplinary firm, we have the professional staff and resources to address a broad range of legal questions.
The real estate lawyers in our law firm will handle all real estate matters from finding a property and/or initial consultation regarding any property in Israel through the closure of the deal and then can offer the client  full/part property management services designed individual for each client's particular needs.


Property Management in Israel
Our law firm provides complete property management services in Israel especially suited for the foreign property owner.  We presently manage properties in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Natanya, Ashdod, Beit Shemesh, Ramat Gan, Givatayiin, Petach Tikvah, Herzelia, Ramat Hasharon and Hod Hasharon. Our services include:
Monitoring repairs with experienced professionals
Rent collection
Drawing up lease contracts
Dated monthly accounting
Tenant renewals
Annual budget planning
Handle advertising
Insurance renewals
Tenant evictions and general legal procedures (reduced legal fees)
We also handle the renting for an additional sum.
 Why Hire an Israeli Real Estate lawyer to Handle Your Property Management Needs in Israel?
The reasons for hiring a lawyer who is experienced in Israeli real estate law to handle one's property management in Israel, whether in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem or Herzelia are many.  Utilizing a real estate experienced lawyer and a management team is beneficial to any foreign based landlord of a property in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem or any other part of Israel for many obvious reasons.  A few reasons stand out above the others especially when it comes to foreign residents who own a property in Israel and should be given consideration when looking for an Israeli property manager/management


1.     The use of an experienced Israeli lawyer specializing in real estate can be vital when owning a property.  Having an up to date attorney, knowledgeable in real estate laws and regulations, who is responsible for the initial drawing up of the contract, making sure the rental period is problem free and is present if the need to enforce the contract arises, is of great benefit to the property owner.
2.     A lawyer specializing in real estate  in Israel is a  licensed professional whose professional conduct is entirely overseen  by the Israel Law Bar and thus he/she must act in accordance with strict professional codes dictated by the Israel Law Bar.
3.    A lawyer in Israel is always personally liable for any money relating to his work and thus can never be a "Limited "company.  Thus a client can rest assure that his money is safe.
4.     In Israel each city has its own rules regarding the rental of properties. For example Tel Aviv has different rules regarding the payment of municipal taxes than Jerusalem.  It is therefore essential for the manager of the property whether in Tel Aviv or in Jerusalem to be aware and knowledgeable of the particular rules.  Thus it is obviously a  great benefit if the property management team you choose to manage your Israel property is made up of experienced Israeli  real estate lawyers.
Property Management Fees:
Depending on the amount of work our fee is usually 10% of rent income per year+vat.
 What Services Will an Israeli Real Estate Lawyer Provide?
A real estate deal would be one of the biggest financial undertaking an individual takes.
 An experienced Israeli real estate lawyer will typically provide the following services for his clients:
 -find out what rights the seller has regarding the property offered-whether the rights are registered in the Israel Land Registry office/bureau ("Tabo") or at the Israel Land Administration or at the Jewish National Fund or at the Housing Company.
-find out if there is a warning note("eharat hazara") at the registration office.
-find out if there is a mortgage on the property and/or a lien on it and or any problem or debts against the property.
-determine your tax liabilities before advising you whether to close a real estate deal (this has much to do with your legal status it Israel i.e.: are you an Israeli citizen, resident, permanent resident, foreign resident).
-negotiate the agreement and make sure that the contract protects your rights.
-make sure the proper documentation is filed.
-find out, as much as possible, the average market price for the property .
-in case buyer or a seller of a property is abroad a licensed lawyer can represent the client at the signing of the real estate deal.
Recommendation For Security (guarantees) When Renting Out Your Property in Israel:
Probably the most important part of any lease agreement, especially for the landlord, is the type of Security which the tenant must provide.  In Israel there are a few standard options:
a) Guarantors-one or more people who guarantee the tenants obligation-best to always require to see a salary slip by guarantor prior to accepting this type of security.
b)  Security Check-the check is held by the property owner or his lawyer (preferred to have it signed on the back by a guarantor).
c)  "Shtar hov"-Promissory note-could be filed at the Execution/bailiff's office directly usually without the need to go to court.
d)  First and last month's rent (or bank guarantee for agreed amount)-probably the best option for landlord  but difficult to get most tenants to agree to in Israel.
e)  Checks (empty/blank) made out to each of the utility company (we would also recommend changing the names of the client at the utility companies to the tenant's name).
f)"Arvut bankait"-bank guarantee from tenant in the amount of 3 months rent (very good guarantee if tenant agrees).
  Examine Properties Across Israel:
The following is an internet site which includes photographs and maps of a large number of real estate properties across Israel:
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