Weisblum-Solomon, Attorneys at Law-An Israeli Law Firm Serving International Clients:



The State of Israel is a young country with  a little over 8 million people.  Consequently Israel's economy is to a large extent an export based one. 

Since around 1984  the Israeli economy has become more market oriented than in its earlier years.  As a result the number of foreign companies, individuals and institutions has been steadily increasing.  These foreign entities have become more and more involved in different ways in the Israeli economy and  have consequently needed legal assistance from an Israeli based law firm. 

A prime goal of our law firm upon its establishment was to be able to offer the global client seeking Israeli legal services a "one stop" option. 

We have  established an Israeli law firm which has focused on legal fields that are interconnected and  may be of service to the international client  in need  of an Israeli law office and an experienced Israeli lawyer. 


All attorneys in our law firm are members in good standing of the Israel Bar Association:


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