About Our Law Firm:
Our  law firm has three branches across Israel (in Petah Tikva, Jerusalem and Tel Aviv) and has made it a priority to service the needs of  both global and domestic clients seeking legal services in Israel.  We offer a "one stop shop" for foreign and domestic clients seeking an experienced law office to represent them amicably and judicially in Israel in a variety of matters such as contract law, personal injury, debt collection and real estate law..   Our law firm also provides international debt collection services in over 100 countries in collaboration with local law firms and professional debt collection offices.
With its exceptional standard of professionalism and integrity Weisblum-Solomon, Attorneys at Law is the "go to" law firm for  a long list of global creditors wishing for a prompt, courteous and above all professional Israeli law firm to handle their file.
 Our  law firm's main office is situated in the centre of Jerusalem, just a walking distance from the Jerusalem Magistrate court and a short distance from both the Jerusalem District court and the Israeli Supreme court.  Our Tel Aviv branch is situated in Kikar Hamedina, near the Tel Aviv Magistrate and District court.
Our lawyers have years of experience in the field of law known as "Private-International"  involving the conflict between different jurisdictions.  Each of our lawyers can assis the global client in most Civil matters in a variety of languages.
Most of our law firm's lawyers hold additional academic degrees allowing for a broad based view on each file.
Lawyers  in our law firm speak a variety of languages, among them: English, French, Dutch, Arabic, German, Yiddish, Romanian and Hungarian.
Our law firm provides its clients with a comprehensive variety of legal services in Israel in Civil law in general and in particular commercial law.  Our law firm, through our vast cooperation with other law firms in Israel, can provide legal services in most fields in cases our law firm does not specialize in.
Our lawyers, all members in good standing of the Israel Law Bar, have a vast experience representing both Israeli and foreign clients around Israel and in all levels of the Israeli judiciary:


Chagai Abraham Weisblum (Israel Law Bar License Number 39175)-Managing Partner

-A graduate of the University of Manchester's Law program (LLB), Toronto's York Univerity's Political Science program (BA) and Tel Aviv University's Graduate level Security Studies program (MA).
-Interned at the Ministry of Finance's Criminal Prosecution Department.
-Has written extensively (published) on International Security matters.
-A  member of the Israel Law Bar since 2004.
-A member of the Israel Law Bar's Tax Committee, International Law Committee & Foreign Relations Commitee.
Limor Solomon (Israel Law Bar License Number 24123)-Partner

  -A graduate of both Hebrew University's Law program (LLB) and its graduate level Criminology program (MA).
-Former legal director of the National Council for the Child.
-International Fellow in the University of Chicago's Chapin Hall Center for Children.
-Has represented juveniles in landmark Supreme Court cases.
-Sat on numerous legislative committees concerned with the Juvenile law in Israel.
-Handles our law firm's litigation files concerning English speaking countries.
-A member of the Israel Law Bar since 1998. 
-A member of the Israel Law Bar's Children and Juvenile Legislative Committee.
David Sternbuch (Israel Law Bar License Number 39209)

-A graduate of the University of Manchester's Law program (LLB).
-A graduate of RJJ Talmudic College in New York.
-Handles our law firm's litigation files involving German speaking countries
-A member of the Israel Law Bar since 2004.
-A member of the Israel Law Bar's European Community Friendship committee, German Speaking Countries Friendship Committee, and English Speaking Countries Friendship Committee.
Eliyahu (Eli) Gabai (Israel Law Bar Licence Number 30115)
-Eli Gabai holds a Bachelor's degree in Middle Eastern studies from the Hebrew University.
-A member of the Israel Law Bar since 2001.
-An experienced litigator who has been appearing in all level of courts around the country.
 Privacy Statement:
 Weisblum-Solomon, Attorneys at Law recognizes that the privacy of your personal information is vital. We will always respect the privacy rights and confidentiality of our clients, partners and employees. 

Our law office collects, uses and discloses personal information to the extent required to fulfill our professional responsibilities and operate our business always receiving the consent of the client.
We are committed to maintaining the privacy of personal information provided by our clients and protecting all personal information in our possession or control. 
Our law firm's actions and each of our lawyers are always guided and thus strictly compliant with the privacy regulations of both the Israel Law Bar and Israeli privacy laws.

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